5 Pieces of Good News for People With Diabetes

It’s Friday and you need some good news and since some good things are happening for people with diabetes we wanted to share and we started from the bottom now we here.

1. The U.S. Congress once again approved funding for continued diabetes researchThe Special Diabetes Program (SDP) was renewed for another year, which secures $150 million for diabetes research initiatives like the Artificial Pancreas and retinopathy treatments.


2. People who live with diabetes are experiencing less and less complications"Diabetes, which affects millions of Americans, finding that rates of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and amputations fell sharply over the past two decades.”


3. Alabama passed a bill that authorizes trained school personnel to administer insulin and glucagon to students with diabetes when a nurse is not presentThis is a huge win that helps keep kids with diabetes safe at school.


4. There is a woman in New Zealand who has been living with type 1 diabetes for 78 years, which makes her the “world’s longest survivor of type 1 diabetes”. She was told she would never have kids. But she’s had four, including twins. And now she has eight grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and another one on the way.” Awww.


5. The FDA is actually listening to and engaging with us, the diabetes communityOn March 31, 2014 a discussion was held [with the diabetes online community] on the FDA’s new proposed guidelines and what standards blood glucose meters should have to meet before the FDA clears them for sale.” 


Let’s make sure they keep hearing from us - read about how to comment to the FDA about glucose meter test strip accuracy here before May 7th.

5 Women With Diabetes Whose Fashion Game Is Totally On Point

Medical devices don’t have to hamper your style. Proof:

Emma at Diabeauty Style


She shares everything from outfit ideas, hairstyles, and accessories to how she carries her diabetes supplies (in the example above, in a stylish clutch), in a beautiful and visually-engaging way.

Ukikawasaki on YouTube


This insulin pump wearer shares her tips and tricks for inconspicuously wearing an insulin pump with dresses, exercise wear, and more. Her YouTube channel has instructional videos in both English and Spanish. 

Monica, creator of the Camino Clutch 


Frustrated by the lack of fashionable bags for diabetes supplies, Monica created her own line. These bags are designed specifically to hold everything from meters to insulin pens, and even your discarded needles - they come with their own sharps container. (Get it - “on point”?) (Okay, sorry, I’ll stop)

Designer Diabetes


According to the author: “I am a fashion designer by day and a type 1 diabetic for life. Thus combining Fashion and Diabetes. The goal…low sugars and high fashion!” We’d say she’s nailing it.

Jessica at Hanky Pancreas

Jessica makes accessories that transform “diabetes technologies into positive social objects”. More plainly, she creates scarves, wraps, and flowers that not only hide things like insulin pumps but also help you feel good about wearing them.

8 Moments of Raising a Child with Type 1 Diabetes

1. The moment your child refuses to eat after you’ve pre-bolused their meal.

2. The moment someone asks if you’ve tried using cinnamon, camel’s milk, or an exotic herb instead of insulin to manage or cure your child’s diabetes.

3. The moment the school tells you that your child doesn’t need a 504 Plan.

4. The moment you take your child to a birthday party and realize there’s nothing except regular soda, pizza, cake, ice cream, and candy being served.

5. The moment you check your child’s BG after said birthday party and find that it’s less than 200 mg/dL.

——> When that number is 123 mg/dL.

6. The moment you realize your kid managed a low blood sugar on their own.

7. The moment your teenager tells you they’re high and you’re thrilled, because 1) It means they checked their blood sugar, and 2) You know they aren’t talking about drugs. 

8. The moment you step back, let them take the lead, and trust they’ll be okay…because they can do this

and then…

Submitted by Wendy R.

Check out the organization Children With Diabetes for great sources of support for parents and kids with T1D!

5 Clues That Prove You Were Probably Low Last Night

I don’t remember most of it but that’s probably for the best.

1. You completely sweat through your sheets and you can’t decide if you should be grossed out or impressed with yourself.


2. A faint cloud of glucose tab dust still permeates the air. Aaah, the aroma of panic gone by!


3. Judging by the mess on the kitchen table you either ate a lot of random carbs or Cookie Monster raided your kitchen.


4. Your CGM graph for the past few hours resembles a BMX routine gone bad.


5. You wake up not even hungry at all because you panic-ate like five breakfasts at 3 am.


No, no more. No more of this. I literally just slept, and I’m EXHAUSTED.

7 Ways You Are Really Kicking Ass At This Diabetes Thing

1. You’re online and reading something about diabetes in a kinda-social way, which means you found the diabetes online community (DOC). Score!


2. You probably checked, or at least thought about, your bloodsugar at some point since last weekend. Niiiiice!


3. Did count the carbs in your breakfast this morning? Even if you didn’t, you knew it had carbs in it, and that’s something. Way to go there!


4. Do you know what an endocrinologist is? Bonus points if you’ve seen one in the past year.


5. Did you get some exercise yesterday? Maybe you didn’t run 10 miles, but you probably walked around or lifted some heavy things or danced in your chair when you thought no one was watching, which burned some calories and helped your insulin work better. Awwww yeeeeeah!


Wait, you’re saying you DID run 10 miles yesterday? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING? HOW DO YOU LIVE ON THIS EARTH AMONG US MORTALS?!


6. Are you within a two-block radius of something you could treat a low blood sugar with?


7. Mega bonus points if you regularly use any of the following: continuous glucose monitor (CGM), insulin pump, any type of activity tracker, any type of fitness or diabetes-related app.


Wherever you’re at with diabetes, we’re proud of you. Keep at it.

10 Exercise Tips From Corgis

We all know that exercise helps blood glucose control. If you’re looking for new ways to get moving, here are some suggestions.

1. Dedicate some time to cleaning your house. You’d be surprised how many steps you can rack up.


2. Try ice skating.


3. Go for a swim.


4. Play catch with a friend.


5. Shovel some snow.


6. Treadmills are great if the weather is bad.


7. But if it’s nice outside, go explore nature.


8. Soccer, anyone?


9. Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up.


10. Remember, exercise is always more fun if you have company.


Now you’re on the way to a better you!


A little movement can do wonders for your diabetes. Just ask the people behind the Big Blue Test.

Submitted by Chris S.

Your Symptoms of Hypoglycemia Illustrated Through Cat GIFs

You may be familiar with the traditional list of symptoms:

…but it’s pawsible that there’s a better way to tail someone what they are. We’ll do that for you right meow, because science.

If your bloodsugar is low, you may experience:

1. Shaking

2. Sweating

3. Anxiety

4. Dizziness

5. Hunger

6. Fast heartbeat

7. Impaired Vision

8. Weakness/Fatigue

9. Headache

10. Irritability